Trailer tents

Why choose between comfort and nature?

Yes, you can have holidays in the open air without giving up anything in terms of comfort! Through constantly updating the technical and functional innovations in its range of trailer tents, Trigano makes sure that your holiday comfort is a top priority. They are easy and quick to set up, with spacious interiors. The shapes and colours are always changing, and they come with a variety of options and handy features

Your holidays deserve the best

Trigano trailer tents have been made in Mamers in the Sarthe region of France for over 60 years. We gave a name to camping haute couture and our reputation is rooted in long-standing tradition.

Our expertise is unrivalled in Europe and it is reflected in the quality all our products. The sense of perfection that drives our designers is epitomised in the attention we pay to the choice of materials used. The canvas is an essential component of a trailer tent. That’s why we select only the top quality cotton for the roofs and walls, a material that is resistant to water, tearing, damp and the lasts the tests of time.
The canvas is breathable and well-ventilated. We sew our canvas by hand using knotted stitches for added durability in any condition. The trailers, also constructed in our factories in France, are indestructible.

We control the entire production line in order to provide trailer tents that stand up to the most temperamental weather conditions and are robust, practical and comfortable.

Usine Trigano Mamers

Trigano's commitment

And in order to implement a certified environmental approach and manage the life cycle of our products, Trigano has joined with Texyloop to recycle 100% of our PVC canvases. Every ton of new raw material produced by Texyloop recycling equals the same savings in resources and energy. Texyloop fully recycles textile components and helps foster the reuse of fabrics in a variety of ways by businesses.

All of our trailer tents conform to current European standards and meet the latest road safety requirements. This means that our trailer tents can be used in all EU member states.