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Creating memories since 1935 !
Creating memories since 1935 !

The story of this family owned business dates back to 1935 when Edgard Trigano launched his company selling textile goods.

The following year, in the wake of the victory of the Popular Front, French people were able to take paid annual leave for the first time. Trigano provided their first canvas tents, including the “Canadienne”, a square blue and orange tent which sold by the millions. The camping boom had begun and Trigano became a driving force, constantly inventing new products right through to the present day.

Today, our company continues to evolve and expand its technical expertise in the manufacture of all types of components. This expertise enables the introduction of innovative products, with the support of highly experienced teams. To keep up with the tastes and needs of its customers, Trigano’s product lines are continually expanding and the range is constantly updated. Comfort, autonomy and layout: nothing is left to chance.

Our brand has become a symbol of the perfect holiday and the freedom to escape from it all, enticing millions of people to seek out new experiences and get closer to nature.

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Découvrez notre nouveauté : la 1936, une tente canadienne qui associe le charme des tentes à l'ancienne et le confort des tentes modernes.

Montée en quelques secondes, cette tente en polyoxford est à la fois plus légère que les tentes en coton et plus étanche que les tentes en polyester ! La toile extérieure peut être désolidarisée de la chambre, ce qui vous promet de belles nuits sous les étoiles, à l'abri des moustiques !

Venez la découvrir sur notre site ou notre chaîne Youtube Trigano Camping 😍
🇬🇧 Discover our new tent: the 1936, a ridge tent that combines the caracther of former ridge tents and the comfort of modern tents.

Pitched within seconds, this polyoxford tent is lihter than cotton ridge tents and tighter than polyester modern tents. The fly-sheet can be removed from the inner tent, which offers you beautiful starry nights away from mosquitos!

Come and see it on our website or on our Youtube channel Trigano Camping 😍


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Directement à la source 😍
🇬🇧 Straight from the source 😍


Credits : @xavier_and_caroline 

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Une boisson chaude pour la rando ces temps-ci c'est essentiel ! Vous êtes plutôt team café, thé ou chocolat chaud ?
🇬🇧 Having a hot beverage for your hikes currently is vital ! What team do you choose ? Coffeea, tea of hot chocolate ?


Credits : @antho_the_wild 

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Over the top !


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Our leisure equipment and vehicles cater to all hiking, camping and leisure needs. Over the years, we have developed unique expertise and can now offer a comprehensive range of products.

Here for you!

Trigano is here for you, ensuring your weekends and holidays go smoothly.

Over the years, we have watched how you live your lives in order to improve our designs. Your tastes and lifestyles change, and new leisure products emerge, so it is only
natural for a company like Trigano - with our ever-present appetite for leisure - to listen to you so we can design what you need in every situation.

A leading French company

The French leader in camping and recreational vehicle equipment

Trigano is a French group focused on manufacturing recreational vehicles and leisure equipment, with some twenty factories around Europe. The Trigano MDC division specialises in camping equipment, which is Trigano’s original business line, and the company became known for manufacturing the first Ridge tents in 1936. Our primary aim is to ensure the longevity of our expertise in France and continue our long-standing business lines. Today, we employ 400 staff across four production sites.