Setting the standard since 1935...


... when Edgard Trigano launched his company selling textile goods. The following year, in the wake of the victory of the Popular Front, French people were able to take paid annual leave for the first time. Trigano provided their first canvas tents, including the “Canadienne”,
a square blue and orange tent which sold by the million.

The camping boom had begun and Trigano was ever present, constantly inventing new things, right through to the next century ! The brand has become the symbol of the perfect holiday and the freedom of escaping from it all, enticing millions of French people and their European neighbours to seek out new experiences and get close to nature.

Trigano is now the largest French company specialising in camping equipment and recreational vehicles. The company is continually evolving, expanding its technical expertise in the manufacture of all its components. This expertise enables the introduction of innovative products, with the support of highly experienced teams. To keep up with the tastes and needs of its customers, Trigano’s product lines are continually expanding and the range is constantly brought up to date. Nothing is left to chance, from comfort and autonomy, to the organisation of space.



You may remember this slogan, created in the 196O’s and shortly afterwards accompanied by a mascot “your holiday’s faithful friend”, which was to provide the theme for Trigano’s advertising for nearly 2O years. “Offering holidays in the great outdoors”. Since the early 7O’s, Trigano’s awnings have responded to holidaymakers’ enthusiasm for caravanning.